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Note: Sometimes the time and the location of birth is also needed to determine your star sign, especially if you are born on the cusp between two signs. Click on the zodiac signs below to read more about their characteristics, traits and personality. Your Sun sign may be your end goal in life, but your ascendant is your way of getting there! Find out the meaning of ascendant in astrology.

Get your free love compatibility report, which compares the astrology birth charts of you and your partner. There are a few exceptions to the above, so for a proper analysis read your detailed birth chart analysis to make sure you know your sun sign. Horoscope Dates - What is your zodiac sign? Not surprisingly, you are quite a loyal friend and lover. You also make for a great employee or leader. People find you dependable and realistic. In fact, you are able to stick to a plan of action while most other people have given up.

This is due to the fact that you are able to shut out all other distractions until you achieve your goal. Now, your critics would always say that you are rigid and ruthless. Well, we can all beg to differ. What nobody can dispute is the fact that you can zero in on a task and do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, until you execute that task.

This is why you tend to rise to the top. You might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, you might not be the best-looking person in the room, but none of that matters because ultimately, you become unstoppable once you set your mind to something.

People born on January 1 have a lot of positive personality traits. If there is any one trait that sets them apart from everybody else, it is their loyalty.

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You believe that you are above that. Not surprisingly, you are a natural leader because these character traits are too often missing in most people. Most people would take a shortcut.

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Most people cheat when given the opportunity. Not you. Unfortunately, you do tend to take things to ridiculous extremes. You hang on not because of principle, but primarily because of stubbornness. You need to know how to draw the line. People born on the 1st of January often suffer from extremism. This extremism has little to do with political ideology or religious zealotry.

Instead, it has everything to do with their tendency to develop tunnel vision. They tend to shut out everything else in pursuit of a goal.

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While this works most of the time in their favor, in certain situations and contexts, it leaves them burned. There are many people who would easily use you and abuse you. Earth governs Capricorns. Capricorns are sensual in the sense that they engage everything in their lives through their five senses.

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You have to understand that your ability to believe is actually one of your most powerful attributes. People who are able to see beyond what is and can see what can be tend to be rewarded in many ways. Saturn is the main planetary influence for Capricorn. Capricorn people are all about power, realism, and responsibility.

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These go hand in hand. You are able to draw certain personal boundaries that enable you to live life to a higher level of practicality and purpose. Not surprisingly, Saturn is also a planet of oppression. You need to know where to draw the line. Learn to develop balance. Avoid the temptation to go to extremes.

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Green is the lucky color of people born on the 1st of January. It represents life, harmony, and boundless possibility. It also represents inner power. People born on 1st January of any given year are always advised to use the first day of the new year as wisely as they would the beginning of any long term vision — something they, as Capricorn people, are talented in taking responsibility for.