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You will see easily that Bayer speaks about regular declination in geocentric coordinates. Declination is the latitude of the planet in Equator coordinates accordingly, Right Ascension is the longitude.

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Usually it changes between rd South and rd North degrees; sometimes the planets exceed these borders especially Pluto though it is not a planet any more. You may follow these steps: a calculate heliocentric longitude for any planet; b find what declination of the Sun corresponds to this longitude now we assume geocentric longitude.

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It was his favourite cat, and it bothered him constantly, so the master had no other choice. Phillip Sedgewick began his study of astrology in He started astrological counseling in , becoming a full time professional in He has lectured internationally and has conducted classes and seminars in many major conferences and conventions.

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His areas of expertise include metaphysics and parapsychology. Co-founder and President of Delta Dynamics - an astrological consulting and research company, Phillip has used astrology with business clients ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune corporations.

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He is currently working with the entertainment industry as well as with programs to increase commercial aviation safety. Philip Sedgwick.

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Take a step forward into a new universe of astrological interpretation, when you shift focus from Earth-centered charts to Sun-focused interpretations, in The Sun at the Center by Philip Sedgwick. The paths of astrology and astronomy diverged during the Renaissance and the Age of Reason as more facts and data became available.

People relied less on intuition and more on the powers of observations enhanced with more powerful telescopes. Curiously, astrology began—who knows how many millennia ago—as a strictly observational art.