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School of rocks. What if today really is the first day of the rest of your life? Sow your seeds with intention and be willing to work towards your goals with the inner knowing that the Universe is supporting you in your mission. Control is an illusion. Relinquishing the reins will help you realise you are supported in every way. The trouble is, we want all the answers at once. Relinquish the reins and see how life supports you.

In due course, things will sort themselves out—almost magically. For now, take a breath and be present to accept what this moment is offering you. Cosmic tip: Control is an illusion. Productivity, who? Your best bet is to go with the flow and give into that holiday spirit.

Even better, head to your favourite store and play your own Secret Santa. Your biggest game-changer this year has been realising that everything essentially is a learning opportunity. Take a moment to process your experiences. Walk into the new year with the inner knowledge that you will only grow from here. Allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and the many pleasures life is offering. Cosmic tip: The gods of abundance are blessing you with the fruits of your labour. Sometimes, magnificent shifts do take place overnight. The key is to trust what the Universe is offering you, and to know that you deserve to be loved.

Break down the walls, Cancer. Take the step towards a special someone. A little bit of courage on your part can lead to a whole lot of magic. Coupled Cancerians, the route of old-school romance promises to bring you closer to your partner. Carte blanche, Leo. You want to enter the year with a clean slate. Have you been holding a grudge against somebody? Yoga is great for you. Colour saffron. The Emperor influences your personal and professional situations.

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Stability in relationships and power in a professional position is retained. You are energetic and ambitious when dealing with powerful people. Beware of over-weaning pride and ill temper. Colour yellow. With mastery in your craft you integrate resources and forces to achieve targets. You make a new deal or bag a contract. You are into sport and theater today. Goodwill and friendship enhance your social standing. You communicate well and give good counsel. Personal relationships are loving and true. Family and friends look up to you for advice today. A professional opportunity is too good to ignore even if it involves a change of residence.

Changes at this point are beneficial and it's best to flow into them.

You establish authority at work and realize an important goal. You stand up for fair play and rights and gain respect and admiration of people around you. You support people and causes with loyalty and zeal. Don't be afraid to use your position of power. Lucky number 3. You are full of new ideas and plans, a force to reckon with at home and at work. A focused effort in any direction brings success!

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Spending time in natural surroundings is therapeutic. It is possible that they may become angered by the carelessness of the workmate, the frivolity of the marriage partner, or the tactlessness of the neighbors. One way or another, one should not allow negative emotions to spoil the expectation of a holiday. Remember the existence of a hobby that gives relaxation and tranquility.

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