Leo horoscope november 18

Right as sensual Venus finally concludes its retrograde cycle, Mercury starts its own backward spin.

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Resist the urge. Halloween is over, so leave the ghosts alone. Fire energy fans your own flame, so over the next few weeks look for lots of new opportunities to shine.

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But every performer needs an audience. Ask yourself, who are your people, Leo?

The full moon in Gemini on Friday, November 23 , will help you identify the potential of your extended network. Someone with a large influence wants to help you, and you shouldn't be afraid to ask for an introduction. Glow like the sun your planetary ruler , naturally with Natasha Denona's Gold Eye Shadow Palette , which features 15 vibrant shades of shadow that will be sure to capture everyone's attention.

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Expect a lucky break in real estate or extremely blessed news from a relative. Adding to the goodness is a brilliant New Moon in the same area of your chart on November This will be an ideal time to begin the search for a new roommate, home, or apartment if need be. Considering moving in with your lover?

This is the time to do so. The two of you will find playing house extremely sexy! The only day for you to put bubble wrap around this month will be November Sagittarius season on Thursday opens the front door to experiences with family and emotionality all month.


A full moon on Friday means magic for your career! Promotions, raises, and opportunities are yours. Happy birthday, Scorpio! The full moon on Friday has you feeling sexy and tantric all weekend—make it unforgettable. Happy birthday.

A full moon in your romantic sector on Friday makes the weekend powerful with opposites-attract style chemistry and opportunities for love. Let it go, Capricorn.

Leo Horoscope: November

Work on the weekend if you have to—you know you love it! Friendship never ends, Aquarius! Sagittarius season on Thursday has you socializing, connecting, and reuniting with friends. Share your feelings with someone who needs to hear it.